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Mississauga Real Estate: 2012 Retrospective.

January 12, 2013 - Updated: April 18, 2014Real Estate Market

Looking back at Mississauga real estate 2012

     I remember going to a particular offer presentation sometime last January.  I was wearing my best suit and had the offer in hand; I was ready to make my presentation.  I meet briefly with the seller’s real estate agent, he greets me and then softly apologies that there would be a fifth agent who will also be making an offer that night.  Little did I know at that time how often I would find myself in a multiple bid situations.  This is how I remember the first half of 2012. Buyers were in a frenzy to beat rising interest rates and because it was the winter season inventory was small as sellers prefer to wait until the spring to list.  I couldn't go to make an offer without at least one other person bidding against me.  It got so bad that sometimes the day a house was put on sale it would have multiple offers by noon.

"The challenge has been a lack of inventory. Many listings have attracted multiple interested buyers. Strong competition has led to annual rates of price growth well above the long-term average.” Toronto Real Estate Board President Richard Silver.


    If buyers were spurred on by low mortgage rates, they were certainly much more cautious in the second half of the year to buy Mississauga real estate.  The federal government was hinting of increasing the lending rate early in 2012, but instead decided to leave it alone for the time being.  Instead, they made changes to the mortgage qualifying rules effectively making it more challenging to qualify.  Still, Mississauga real estatesales were still strong through to September.  No there were not many multiple offer situations as in the first half of the year, but buyers were still paying 97% of the asking price on average and prices were still going up.  The new mortgage rules in combination of the unfair land transfer tax in Toronto helped to channel more clients to buy real estate in Mississauga.  Once again, strong demand caused an upwards pressure on prices to continue.

"While sales have been lower due to stricter mortgage lending guidelines, we continue to see substantial competition between buyers. The months of inventory trend remains low from a historic perspective, which explains the strong price increases we are experiencing,” said Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) President Ann Hannah.


    The last part of the year in my experience was answering buyers question if the market was going to drop?  Despite restrictive mortgage controls and the general sentiment of buyersthe restate market will see a price drop; numbers for the final quarter are now in showing increase in prices from 2011.  The month of December alone saw price increase over the previous year by 3% despite number of sales being lower.  Overall, prices are up by 8% with an average price of $456,027 for all types of residential properties.  2012 will go done as a strong year for Mississauga real estate in terms of sales.  There were 9,805 total sales worth a dollar value of $4,471,339,897.

By Todd Lee

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Don’t forget to negotiate for the man cave when you buy Mississauga Real Estate.

November 2, 2012 - Updated: April 18, 2014Houses

   Here’s the scenario.  Being a modern family man you are no stranger to making sacrifices for your wife and children.  You wake up early; you go to work, help with children, clean the house, fix anything that’s broke and even make dinner.  All of these things you gladly do usually without receiving any gratitude. But that’s cool…it’s for your loved ones.  So you have some time to watch a football game on a Sunday afternoon, but the kids own the living room.  Your bedroom is neatly tidied up and your wife will give you heck for messing it up.  Besides, you don’t bring pizza and beer to the bedroom anyways.  You could in a Man Cave.  The problem is you forgot to negotiate with your wife for one before you bought that dream Mississauga real estate!

    Some people might say ... the man of the house can always build one later, either in the basement or the garage.  The truth is the garage is for cars.  This is Canada folks and it’s kind of cold there in the winter time.  The basement option would probably turn out to be a corner and the rest of the space dedicated to the children and storage of things like photo albums and dresses from the wife’s wedding and prom.  In the end, the man cave in the corner is only a good idea for the woman and children of the house, but it’s a pretty pathetic option for the man.

    A true man cave has to accomplish these two things.

  1. The sanctity of the man cave should be preserved and free from all external disturbances.  Only then will the man be able to fully recharge his batteries to take on the rigors of life.
  2. The Man cave must be a place where the surroundings are catered for the man’s entertainment and relaxing pleasures. 

    Here are the ingredients for a basic man cave. The man cave will have a place to relax such as a comfy couch.  There’s usually a place for refreshments such as a bar.  While relaxing the man of the cave will want to watch his favorite television programing.  Hence forth he will have a big screen TV to watch while sitting on his comfy couch and he will want the company of his fellow man friends and they will want to watch football and drink beer.  Other notable requirements for a man cave would be to play games, such as billiards or cards or Xbox.  If a man had this room to relax, his life will be blessed and he will live long and merrily.

    I’m not saying to ignore your family.  I think they would really like the idea of a man cave especially when they understand their benefits.  I’m positive the wife would enjoy watching a good movie from time to time with the big screen TV.  Kid size games can entertain the little ones.  When the children get to be older they will love to hang out with their friends at home.  For parents this is a great way to give teens space, but have them close by.  Therefore I say men, go for it.  Negotiate for that man cave when you buy Mississauga real estate.

By Todd Lee

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Property Search - Were Making It Easier To Find Mississauga Real Estate

October 4, 2012 - Updated: April 18, 2014Buying Real Estate


    These days, people might say they start doing a property search by going to  This was indeed advancement from finding real estate for sale in the Mississauga News Paper or other printed media.  There are some problems as pointed out by my clients with using the current property search engine of choice…it can be tricky to get the Mississauga real estate they are looking for.  Some other comments I’m hearing are:  “it’s confusing” and “frustrating to use”. If you haven’t used, it allows the user to search by map, and by selecting criteria.  Unless the user knows very specific information about what they are looking for searches become very general and results may not be pertinent or not even informative enough.  Property search at was designed to address the needs of real estate shoppers, organizing Mississauga real estate by groups, by using graphics in a unique way and providing Mississauga condos comparative data.

    The first three problems identified with property search by are: they ask you to write in the City Name or Neighborhood or MLS zone.  Firstly, entering the City name “Mississauga” will return this response “Your search returned too many results. Please refine your search and try again” simply because of the share volume of real estate on the market. Then, will present another message saying this “More than one location was returned. Please select the location you were looking for” in attempt to narrow the criteria. will list off districts that probably won’t make any sense to most people.  The second problem is, the average person does not know many of the neighborhood names in Mississauga.  Therefore, that question in very limiting based on the persons knowledge.  Thirdly, almost no one knows what the MLS zones are.  All the property search effort thus far has been a waste of time going this first route.

Picture of MLS search

Picture of MLS results 

    The first way has improved the property search experience is by eliminating wasted time for the person doing a property search.  This was achieved by committing considerable time and effort into grouping all residential real estate by classification: condo apartment or house and then sorting them by neighborhood. This is really significant and different than the alternative property search engines.  Houses are further grouped into sub categories, detached houses for sale, semi-detached houses for sale, townhouses for sale and condo townhouses for sale. The benefit to the person doing the property search is straight forward; there are absolutely no fields to fill out and no typing whatsoever.  All that needs to be done is selecting a choice either using a mouse or a finger in the case of a touch screen.  You will never see a response that you’ve returned too many results and to refine your search!

Picture of Condos For Sale and Houses For Sale

    Map based property search web pages are more useful to show a very general area of real estate.  However, they can have the same problems of returning the same error messages.  Then, once the map is zoomed in enough to show results it can be daunting to search through all the information that is presented. Maps are a great way to find neighborhoods as streets and monuments can be referenced to help the person doing a property search determine where they want to live.  Yet, people find these maps to be too cluttered where the useful information can be hidden amongst the less relevant information.   Finally, some people just don’t understand maps and can’t visualize where they might have seen a particular condo for example.  This leads to frustration as they randomly search for what they were looking for.

Picture of MLS non specific search results

    The second way has made a property search online easier, was to replace the process of zooming in and out of maps and selecting criteria with a simple to understand graphical system.  Neighborhoods are clearly indicated on a master map which shows enough highway and road information to be useful.  Once, a neighborhood is identified as being where the person wants to live, they need only “click” or “tap” the corresponding Icon.  In the case of houses, a list of currently available inventory will appear priced from highest to lowest.  In the case of a condo property search, every condo will have its own icon.  When the particular Mississauga condo is selected a list of real estate inventory is listed also priced from highest to lowest.  The advantage in particular for condo shoppers is the ability to focus on a particular building without ever having to know the buildings address or name.

Picture of the neighborhood map

Picture of neighborhood Icons

Picture of house search results

The Icon, which is designed to be a visual representation of neighborhoods and condos, is key for people being able to use their visual memory in the selection process.  It’s common for customers to ask me to show them the “Marilyn Monroe Condos” (which is not the condos real name).  They know it’s opposite to Square One and that’s usually all they know about these condos geographically speaking.  If they were to look it up on, they might have a hard time finding it using the criteria method as they don’t know the address or maybe even the neighborhood (No, Square One is not a neighborhood).  If they used the map method, they would have to spend time zooming into the Square One area until listings started to show.  Then, they have to somehow find the Marilyn Monroe Condos from all the other condos that are next to them.

    If the Marilyn Monroe Condos were searched using, all they would have to do is look at the map to see that Square One is in the City Centre neighborhood.  Then select the City Centre Icon, which happens to show several buildings including the Marilyn!  Then, all City Centre condos will be shown by their represented Icons.  The Marilyn Monroe Condos would be easily identifiable and selected literally with three clicks or taps…one for Mississauga condos for sale, one for City Centre condos and one for the Marilyn Monroe condos for sale.  What’s the saying? As easy as 1,2,3!

Picture of condo search

Picture of the City Centre Icon

Picture of City Centre Condo Icons

    The final reason that people are disappointed with doing a property search online is the lack of comparative data.  Especially in the Mississauga condo market as there are many units in the same building that are identical.  It can help the buyer to know not only the current asking prices, but to know how much previous condos sold for.  This data requires computation and at we have done that for all Mississauga condo real estate.  Our condo comparison chart called the Matrix, you will find calculated are the average two bedroom condo sold price, two bedroom condo fee, two bedroom square footage and 2 bedroom condo fee cost per square foot. In addition to being able to compare condo data, there are also Mississauga condo reviews.

Picture of Marilyn Monroe Condos For Sale

Picture of Marilyn Monroe Condo Review

Picture of the Condo Matrix

    We understand here at that there are many people wanting to buy real estate, and we strive to make doing a property search online easier. We are continually trying to stretch the boundaries to improve customer service and soon we hope to add pre-construction condos to the mix.  Also look out for some really cool videos soon.  Thank you once again for reading Todd’s Real Estate Blog, and we hope you visit again to keep up with real estate news, tips and commentary’s.

Todd Lee is a real estate agent serving the Mississauga and surrounding communities.  If you have any comments or questions please contact us at

By Todd Lee

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