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School Is In When Buying Mississauga Homes

April 22, 2014 - Updated: April 26, 2014

Get schooled when buying your Mississauga home

    Many of my clients search Mississauga homes for sale right on their computers to begin the process of buying a house or condo.  It’s indeed a great way to become familiar with the asking prices of the homes in the areas where they would want to live in.  But when they contact me there seems to be a question one type of client always seem to ask.  That type of client usually has a family and would like to know where the best schools are and the homes for sale in those specific areas.  In fact some proactive minded clients already know the schools they want their children to attend and are seeking help to get a home within that particular school district.

    For those who are searching for a Mississauga home to buy but know you will be eventually moving in 1-5 years.  You should think about the type of people you may eventually sell to and what they might be interested in.   The motivation for parents to put their children in the best schools is very high.  I have personally dealt with many buyers who will only consider moving into the area of a highly rated school while sacrificing other options elsewhere to do so.  The motivation is so strong that I find these buyers are more likely to compete in a multiple offer situation where as other type of clients would walk away.  Wouldn't you want that type of buyer for when you are selling your home?

  While I don't claim to be an expert on grading schools, I have a sense that good schools have not only good teachers good administration and goo building, but also have good parents who take an active role with their children at school by volunteering.  However, I will leave the grading of schools to the Fraser Institute who claims to be an independent and non-partisan research and educational organization in Canada.  It is also worth noting that schools rank can change based on performance or lack thereof.  So just because a certain school is ranked highly today it may not some time in the future and vice versa.  There are 5 year rankings available by the Fraser Institute, but for the purpose of this article I will only be looking at the current top 10 schools and excluding all schools not governed by the public and separate school boards.


The Top 10 Elementary Schools as of 22/04/2014 for Public and Separate School Boards

Rank School Name Ontario Rank Score out of 10 Neighborhoods in School Boundary
1 St. Timothy 39 9.5 Cooksville / Mineola
2 St. Edmund 53 9.2 Applewood / Lakeview
3 St. Martha and Mary 100 8.8 Rathwood
4 St. Rose of Lima 100 8.8 Central Erin Mills
5 St. Mark 118 8.7 Erin Mills
6 Millers Grove 118 8.7 Meadowvale
7 St. Jerome 185 8.4 Erindale
8 St. Dunstan 215 8.3 East Credit
9 St. Dominic 215 8.3 Mineola / Port Credit
10 St. David of Wales 247 8.2 Creditview
10 San Lorenzo Ruiz 247 8.2 Hurontario


The Top 10 Secondary Schools as of 22/04/2014 for Public and Separate School Boards

Rank School Name Ontario Rank Score out of 10 Neighborhoods in School Boundary
1 John Fraser 24 8.6 Central Erin Mills
2 St. Marcellinus 32 8.4 Meadowvale Village / East Credit
3 Glenforest 32 8.4 Rathwood
4 Cawthra Park 39 8.3 Cooksville / Mineola / Lakeview
5 The Woodlands 39 8.3 Creditview / Erindale
6 Gordon Graydon Memorial 46 8.2 Lakeview
7 St. Aloysius Gonzaga 62 8.1 Central Erin Mills / Meadowvale / Streetsville
8 Port Credit 80 7.9 Cooksville / Erindale / Port Credit / Mineola 
9 St. Joan of Arc 87 7.8 Churchill Meadows
10 John Cabot 87 7.8 Applewood / Hurontario / Mississauga Valleys /Rathwood 


    Follow these links to find the boundary maps for seperate school board and public school board. Unfortunately, the school boundry's don't really match up well with the various neighborhood boundary's in Mississauga. Buyers follow these links  to search for a suitable Mississauga home or Mississauga condo

By Todd Lee

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