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Selling Hot Homes!

November 24, 2012 - Updated: January 23, 2013Selling Real Estate

Staging to sell real estate

    Location, location, location! What about presentation? When it comes to selling a property presentation is key. Home buyers have a hard time imagining what the home could look like. Most home buyers won’t give you (the seller) the benefit of the doubt. Home buyers have to be physically shown why your property is worth their investment.

    But…how do you show them their dream home? The answer is home staging! Home staging transforms any property into a perfectly packaged product. This is the art and science of preparing a property for sale. Like any other product in today’s markets, a property has to be beautifully packaged and presented to generate interest and stimulate sales.

    In today’s market you have to be competitive. Homebuyers have many choices and they always want the best. Staged homes generate more buyer traffic, sell faster, and sell higher.  Every type of property can be improved with staging. Whether the property is vacant, partially furnished, or still lived‐in (occupied). Each case has its different challenges, and home staging helps by addressing factors that contribute to the overall presentation of the home by positively influencing the potential buyer’s state of mind.

    Homebuyers don’t just buy a property, they buy a lifestyle. By showing them an empty room, they have to imagine how everything in their life might fit. Where should I place the furniture? What colors would look good? It’s hard for buyers to make an emotional connection with the home and get excited when they’re trying to figure out how they could possibly fit a well‐sized dining table in this space. Make it easy on the buyers. People want to buy what they see! Home staging shows them the lifestyle they could have. It not only shows them how the furniture would fit, it shows them how amazing all the features of the home can look when they’re accented by the perfect furniture and décor. Home staging shows the home at it’s full potential.

Empty dining room before staging. After dining room staged.
Dining room before staging Dining room after staging

    Lived‐in homes are a bit different in the sense that you usually have to de‐clutter and de‐personalize before you can add anything else. The benefit of de‐cluttering and de‐personalizing a home is to make the rooms look more spacious, neutralize the colors, and make the home appealing to the widest range of potential buyers. Homebuyers want to envision their own family living in a space with the lifestyle that they are accustomed to. By de‐personalizing and de‐cluttering you are creating an inviting feeling for anyone who walks in.

Lived in bedroom before staging. Bedroom after staging.
Bedroom before staging bedroom after staging


Family room before staging. Family room after staging.
Family room before staging Family room after staging

    No matter what the case is. There’s always something you can do to improve your chances of completing a better sale. It is important to prepare your property before you list it because you want to show it at its best when it’s still “hot on the market”. When properties sit on the market for too long, they usually get a price reduction to entice buyers to at least come and view the property. Why list an unprepared property and risk a price reduction when home staging costs a lot less than the first price reduction? How many properties are listed that are similar to yours within 10 kilometers? How will you attract buyers and stand out amongst the competition? You can’t change the location but you can help the presentation.  Remember, you’re not just selling a property, you’re selling a lifestyle!

Chandra Bradley
Home Staging Visuals Inc.
CEO, Lead Stager & Designer

Watch the Todd Lee TV video of this house here.

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It's a good market to be selling

May 4, 2012 - Updated: April 18, 2014Selling Real Estate


    TREB has released its latest Monthly Resale Market report May 3rd and reports transactions for April 2012 increased 18 percent in comparison to the same time last year. The report goes on to say listings of detached homes led the charge with a 22 percent increase. But, the growth in listing detached homes has not kept up with the demand for it. The condominium market is said to have seen only moderate growth as it is supplied. The report also discusses current and future interest rates being a positive factor for sales for the rest of the year.
      This observer sees a tightening of the market due to borrowing cost being affordable with high ratio mortgages having the same interest rates as conventional ones. The Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney recently signaled that interest rates will rise. With that clear indication its probable the demand for housing will increase in the short to medium term as buyers want the lowest rates possible.
      Buyers should expect to see multiple offer situations and increase asking prices. With inflation increasing faster than anticipated by the government, perhaps the rate hike will be small and gradual. For sellers the state of the market remains favorable so long as the vendor does not over price their property they should see a big payday quickly.

By Todd Lee

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