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How Does Ontario’s Housing Reform Plan Affect Mississauga’s Real Estate Market?

July 4, 2017 - Updated: July 4, 2017Real Estate Market


Earlier this year the Ontario government made an announcement of their fair housing plan.  They were going to address sky rocking rental rates, curb foreign speculation in Ontario, and tackle the problem of “property scalpers”.  It’s been about couple months since the announcement, but how has Mississauga real estate been impacted?  Let’s look at each situation separately.


Affordable rent in Mississauga:  Year over year severing both landlords and tenants in Mississauga I can tell you from experience that the rates for rent are going up with little to no end in sight.  A two bedroom condo for example may only be $1,700 to $1,900 per month to rent just a couple years ago.  Today I can safely say the majority of new listings for rent are now over $2,000 per month for a 2 bed condo.


The new reform extends the rent controls on all buildings made before 1991 to all current properties and any built in the future.  This should limit massive price increases year over year for existing tenants.  However, if the existing tenant vacates the property, the landlord can still choose whatever price to ask for from the next tenant. In Mississauga condos rarely go un-rented even the trashiest of properties eventually get leased.  Simply put there is more demand than supply.  This leads to sometimes bidding wars for rent and while not common, some landlords turn away perfectly good tenants for better ones they hope will come along. 


Deterrents for foreign buyers and speculators. Made famous out west where foreign investors would treat the Vancouver real estate market like short term stocks, these reforms aim to stop any speculation here.  I’m not going to say it doesn’t happen at all, but I have yet to see it for myself.  The government will add a 15% tax on foreign buyers in the attempt to discourage them.  I am sceptical that the problem in Mississauga is the same as Vancouver, but there is no denying there is huge amount of Chinese money in certain areas of Ontario.


There are reports from out west that after the foreign buyer tax was installed sales dropped.  Then recently spiked again indicating maybe foreign buyers were just waiting to see what would happen then jumped right back into the market.  As most of my buyers are not foreign investors I haven’t seen this impact first hand.


In addition to the “speculation tax” the Provincial government will team with the Canada Revenue Agency to make sure tax is paid properly from the buying and selling of real estate.  This is huge as many local investors have been getting away without paying taxes on investment real estate mainly due to the lack of resources the CRA has.  Having recognized the obvious potential for revenue the Government has targeted real estate investors with audits to collect on taxes never paid.


To date there seems to be a slowdown in the Mississauga real estate market, where once there was bidding wars everywhere…now it does seem like negotiations have normailized. Detached homes are selling, but other homes are sitting on the market for over a month and seem to be on the market a very long time when compared to the first three months of the year.  These homes probably are not the target of foreign investors so I can only speculate there is a psychological block amongst Mississauga buyers at least for these more affordable homes.


The early result of the fair housing plan is that the Mississauga real estate market has felt its impact.  In terms of the stated goal of cutting back scalpers and controlling rent I don’t think the plan has fully hit its mark in the case of the latter.  As for the former I would say it’s probably over stepped the intended objective and put plenty of would be sellers in jeopardy of not selling in time for their goals or worse, not meeting their commitments if they purchased a bigger house first.  If there is some conclusion I can find it is this…Buyers, this is a great time to buy a house and Governments need to stay away from messing with the natural course of real estate markets for political points.

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The Mississauga Condo Market Dominated Peel Region Rentals Again.

June 24, 2013 - Updated: April 18, 2014Real Estate Market

    According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, Mississauga condos accounted for 540 of the 566 total transactions in Peel Region for the first 3 months of the year.  The city of Brampton mustered only 25 total leases. Caledon which is not known for condos managed only one lease.

    Of the 540 Mississauga condo rental transactions, 279 involved one bedroom condos at the average lease rate of $1,394.  Two bedroom condos were the second most popular among leases totaling 242 transactions at a rate of $1680.  There were 1,160 total condos listed at that time making for a list to lease ratio of 47%.

    By contrast the city of Toronto totaled 3339 condo leases during the same period.  One bedroom condos went for an average of $1,647 while 2 bedrooms brought in on average $2,250.  Toronto landlords listed 6863 condos making for a list to lease ratio of 49%.

    Some key numbers reported by TREB in their First Quarter Market Report was the GTA saw a 13% increase on a year over year basis for condominiums rented.  The 1 bedroom average monthly rent for condos was up almost 4% at $1,597 when compared to Q1 of 2012.

  According to TREB, the 2012 Fall Rental Market Survey indicated that Peel contributed 22.7% or the GTA condo rental transactions while only having a vacancy rate of 0.6%.  On the other hand Toronto accounts for 23.6% market share while having more than doubled the vacancy rate of Peel at 1.4%.

What does this mean for a Mississauga condo investor?

    The numbers don’t lie.  There are lots of people trying to make money as indicated by the share volume of listed leases.  Even though the lease to rent ratio is sub 50%, landlords who do lease their condos are making more money.

    This is can be attributed to a couple factors.  Perhaps renters are looking for nicer accommodations with modern renovations.  Some condo owners may need to invest some money to make their condo more desirable.

    Another factor in some condos not being able to get a lease is location.  Certain locations are attractive because of amenities which are nearby which tenants want.  Access to public transit and conveniences are a big draw for people.  Square One condos are a prime example of this and condo fees can be higher than in other parts of Mississauga.

What can be the future for Mississauga Condo renting?

    In my opinion the trend probably won’t change over the next year.  There seems to be no shortage of condos on the market right now.  The condos which are competitively priced with respect to location, size and have the fit and finish tenants are looking for will have no problems attracting business.

    On the other hand landlords who expect top dollar for run down condos will eventually have to make a decision to get out of the business or spend the money to make their potential tenants happy.

By Todd Lee

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Mississauga Real Estate Market Report

April 14, 2013 - Updated: April 18, 2014Real Estate Market

Mississauga real estate market report

Mississauga, April 14, 2013 – Mississauga area real estate agents reported 1979 sold properties through the MLS system from January 1st, 2013 to March 31st 2013.  Comparatively, the same time last year saw some 2398 reported sales.  This represents a near 17.5% decrease in volume of sales. Some reasons to explain this dip in volume of sales are given by Jason Mercer of the Toronto Real Estate Board: 

“While the year-over-year dip in March sales followed the trend that has unfolded since mid-way through 2012, it is also important to note that the Good Friday holiday was in March this year versus April in 2012. Generally speaking, there are fewer sales reported on statutory holidays and weekends.”

“Some households have put their decision to purchase on hold as a result of changes in government policy.”

“Some households who are looking to purchase a home haven’t been able to find what they are looking for because of tight market conditions.”

    Because of this tight market condition specifically with the low rise market segment Mississauga has seen the average sold price in March increased by around +3% versus last year.  Quarterly results for 2013 also showed overall increase in the average sold price when compared to Q1 2012 of +3.3%.

    Home ownership is still affordable in the GTA.  The total debt payable by households remains below the 39% target set by the Finance Minister Jim Flarherty when accounting for Mortgage payments, interest, taxes and utilities.

Source of chart the Toronto Real Estate board

    Year to date, Mississauga listings are sold on average in 28 days at 98% of asking price with a sum of 1979 transactions totaling $924,980,423.  The most popular segment for buyers is the detached properties.  While not only being the most sought after and expensive property, it is also the most available housing type thus far for 2013.  The huge condo market represents the second biggest share of transactions while being the most affordable segment in the Mississauga real estate market.

Mississauga Real Estate sales Q1 2013

Source of chart the Toronto Real Estate board

    Given current economic trends, unless an unforeseen event occurs domestically or internationally and if interest rates stay the same I predict more of the same for the next quarter.  While there should be more product going for sale as history has shown us during spring, there will be more buyers shopping. Tight market supply versus demand will lead to moderate price increase in the Mississauga real estate market.

By Todd Lee


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Mississauga Real Estate: 2012 Retrospective.

January 12, 2013 - Updated: April 18, 2014Real Estate Market

Looking back at Mississauga real estate 2012

     I remember going to a particular offer presentation sometime last January.  I was wearing my best suit and had the offer in hand; I was ready to make my presentation.  I meet briefly with the seller’s real estate agent, he greets me and then softly apologies that there would be a fifth agent who will also be making an offer that night.  Little did I know at that time how often I would find myself in a multiple bid situations.  This is how I remember the first half of 2012. Buyers were in a frenzy to beat rising interest rates and because it was the winter season inventory was small as sellers prefer to wait until the spring to list.  I couldn't go to make an offer without at least one other person bidding against me.  It got so bad that sometimes the day a house was put on sale it would have multiple offers by noon.

"The challenge has been a lack of inventory. Many listings have attracted multiple interested buyers. Strong competition has led to annual rates of price growth well above the long-term average.” Toronto Real Estate Board President Richard Silver.


    If buyers were spurred on by low mortgage rates, they were certainly much more cautious in the second half of the year to buy Mississauga real estate.  The federal government was hinting of increasing the lending rate early in 2012, but instead decided to leave it alone for the time being.  Instead, they made changes to the mortgage qualifying rules effectively making it more challenging to qualify.  Still, Mississauga real estatesales were still strong through to September.  No there were not many multiple offer situations as in the first half of the year, but buyers were still paying 97% of the asking price on average and prices were still going up.  The new mortgage rules in combination of the unfair land transfer tax in Toronto helped to channel more clients to buy real estate in Mississauga.  Once again, strong demand caused an upwards pressure on prices to continue.

"While sales have been lower due to stricter mortgage lending guidelines, we continue to see substantial competition between buyers. The months of inventory trend remains low from a historic perspective, which explains the strong price increases we are experiencing,” said Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) President Ann Hannah.


    The last part of the year in my experience was answering buyers question if the market was going to drop?  Despite restrictive mortgage controls and the general sentiment of buyersthe restate market will see a price drop; numbers for the final quarter are now in showing increase in prices from 2011.  The month of December alone saw price increase over the previous year by 3% despite number of sales being lower.  Overall, prices are up by 8% with an average price of $456,027 for all types of residential properties.  2012 will go done as a strong year for Mississauga real estate in terms of sales.  There were 9,805 total sales worth a dollar value of $4,471,339,897.

By Todd Lee

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