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30 Seventeenth St Sold

March 18, 2016 - Updated: March 18, 2016Houses

30 Seventeenth St Bungalow Sold

Houses in the Toronto area are in great demand.  Just listed and sold this bungalow in the Etobicoke area near the Lake Shore road.  It was listed four day's on the market and sold for ten's of thousand's over reasonable asking price.  If you are looking to sell your house, I promise to represnt your best interest and to work to get you the most money for your home.  If you are interested in my services contact me at or direct 416-993-8533.

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Top 5 Count Down: Most Expensive Mississauga Houses 2013

April 14, 2014 - Updated: April 22, 2014Houses

Mississauga has more than its fair share of luxury mansions.  In this the first ever Video Top 5 Count Down I present to you The Most Expensive Mississauga Houses bought In 2013.  If you are wondering what other multi-million dollar mansions are currently for sale please visit my Mississauga Detached Homes for Sale website.  

By Todd Lee

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Increase The Value Of Your Mississauga House With These Three Renovations.

November 16, 2012 - Updated: April 18, 2014Houses

    As I’m a real estate agent, people ask me questions about making renovations to their Mississauga house.  They usually want to know how much their Mississauga house is worth after doing said renovation.  I’m quick to remind them that no matter which renovation they do, it’s not guaranteed they will make back their money for various reasons best left for another blog.  But, I point out the most popular renovations buyers are looking for are these…     

  • Kitchens.  From the perspective of selling you want to attract as many people as possible.  Demographics show that men are cooking more often today.  Therefore, it only makes sense to renovate a room that will be used by both males and females.  Costs for upgrading cabinets, appliances and counter tops can get pricey quickly, but people are usually willing to pay more for a house that has a beautiful kitchen because they know it’s expensive.


  • Bathrooms.  This is a room used by everyone and nothing turns off people quite as much as a beat down bathroom.  Spending money on tiles, bath tubs, sinks and fixtures can also get up in costs, but buyers are willing to pay more because they don’t have to do it.


  • Windows and Doors. In my opinion this is the third effective way to increase the value of your home.  Buyers can see value in a nice entrance door (curb appeal) and in having new glazing that reduces heating and cooling costs.  Once again, it’s something the new owner would have to do eventually, so having it already done is very appealing.

       All three renovations stated have a couple things in common.  That is…they can be seen in day or night, or season, which is always good for selling to potential buyers. These suggested renos also cost money but add value. Buyers know they won’t have to go thru the headaches if they buy that Mississauga house from you because it’s already done.

By Todd Lee

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Don’t forget to negotiate for the man cave when you buy Mississauga Real Estate.

November 2, 2012 - Updated: April 18, 2014Houses

   Here’s the scenario.  Being a modern family man you are no stranger to making sacrifices for your wife and children.  You wake up early; you go to work, help with children, clean the house, fix anything that’s broke and even make dinner.  All of these things you gladly do usually without receiving any gratitude. But that’s cool…it’s for your loved ones.  So you have some time to watch a football game on a Sunday afternoon, but the kids own the living room.  Your bedroom is neatly tidied up and your wife will give you heck for messing it up.  Besides, you don’t bring pizza and beer to the bedroom anyways.  You could in a Man Cave.  The problem is you forgot to negotiate with your wife for one before you bought that dream Mississauga real estate!

    Some people might say ... the man of the house can always build one later, either in the basement or the garage.  The truth is the garage is for cars.  This is Canada folks and it’s kind of cold there in the winter time.  The basement option would probably turn out to be a corner and the rest of the space dedicated to the children and storage of things like photo albums and dresses from the wife’s wedding and prom.  In the end, the man cave in the corner is only a good idea for the woman and children of the house, but it’s a pretty pathetic option for the man.

    A true man cave has to accomplish these two things.

  1. The sanctity of the man cave should be preserved and free from all external disturbances.  Only then will the man be able to fully recharge his batteries to take on the rigors of life.
  2. The Man cave must be a place where the surroundings are catered for the man’s entertainment and relaxing pleasures. 

    Here are the ingredients for a basic man cave. The man cave will have a place to relax such as a comfy couch.  There’s usually a place for refreshments such as a bar.  While relaxing the man of the cave will want to watch his favorite television programing.  Hence forth he will have a big screen TV to watch while sitting on his comfy couch and he will want the company of his fellow man friends and they will want to watch football and drink beer.  Other notable requirements for a man cave would be to play games, such as billiards or cards or Xbox.  If a man had this room to relax, his life will be blessed and he will live long and merrily.

    I’m not saying to ignore your family.  I think they would really like the idea of a man cave especially when they understand their benefits.  I’m positive the wife would enjoy watching a good movie from time to time with the big screen TV.  Kid size games can entertain the little ones.  When the children get to be older they will love to hang out with their friends at home.  For parents this is a great way to give teens space, but have them close by.  Therefore I say men, go for it.  Negotiate for that man cave when you buy Mississauga real estate.

By Todd Lee

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